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Thursday, September 25, 2008



Facial Expressions

Although I am a little baby, I have my own unique facial expressions, be it happiness, anger, sadness or excitement. Mama said all my expressions are so precious that they are a direct reflection of my true feelings, they are genuine and not being suppressed or faked. (The above video clip recorded some of the facial expressions.)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


哗!真想不到,我才刚满两个月,就有杂志社愿意将我的照片刊登在杂志封面上。杂志社老板说,楷晋两个月大了,非常难得,必须有一些特别的东西作为留念。因此,免费的让我上杂志封面。 是谁那么大方?其实,这一位杂志社老板并不是别人,而是我的爸爸。这是爸爸从杂志封面网站里为我设计的虚拟杂志封面。特别吗?

Cover baby

Hurray! Hurray! My photo appears on magazine cover, I am a cover baby now. It’s really amazing! The magazine publisher said I must do something special when turned two months old. He decided to put up my photo on magazine cover for free and hope this will be my happy recollection in the future. Who is so kind and generous to me? My papa! Just to let you know, the publisher is my papa, a "virtual publisher". My papa created the above cover from the fake magazine cover websites.

Monday, September 8, 2008



前两天爸爸妈妈带我去给医生检查。在例常检查完毕后,医生餵我吃了一些味道满不错的液体,当我还在细舔着残留在嘴边的液体时,左边大腿突然被扎了一针,痛得我哭叫起来,还没回过神来时,右边大腿接着也被扎了一针,顿时令我不知所措的嚎啕大哭,声震整个诊疗所,得劳烦医生和爸爸妈妈不断的安慰才逐渐平复下来。其实大人们不是在虐待我,而是替我注射病毒疫苗。那天注射了轮状病毒(Rotavirus)、肺炎球菌病症(Pneumococcal disease)等疫苗。我偷听到医生说,接下来几个月必须注射各种不同的疫苗,还得忍受多几次扎针之苦,令我非常害怕。但为了往后健康着想,我相信我一定会鼓起勇气去承受这些短暂的痛楚。

Two months old

I am growing well and turn 2 months old on 8/9/2008. My weight and height are now 4.8kg and 59cm, both increased by 1kg and 4cm respectively as compared to the previous month. In the past one month, I got a chance to learn swimming and it is really a remarkable experience. I hope the coming weather conditions allow me to swim as often as possible in my little private swimming pool.

Two days ago, papa and mama brought me to see doctor for regular check up and vaccination. Without notice, the doctor gave me sudden injections on both sides of my thigh and this had caused me screaming and crying like nobody's business. My loud screams could be heard all over the clinic. I knew I was not being abused but was just given vaccination, I just couldn't help crying. The vaccines given on that day were related to Rotavirus, Pneumococcal disease, etc. Although I feel scared when overhearing that more injections will follow in the next few visits, I have to get up the courage for the sake of good health.