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Monday, September 8, 2008

Two months old

I am growing well and turn 2 months old on 8/9/2008. My weight and height are now 4.8kg and 59cm, both increased by 1kg and 4cm respectively as compared to the previous month. In the past one month, I got a chance to learn swimming and it is really a remarkable experience. I hope the coming weather conditions allow me to swim as often as possible in my little private swimming pool.

Two days ago, papa and mama brought me to see doctor for regular check up and vaccination. Without notice, the doctor gave me sudden injections on both sides of my thigh and this had caused me screaming and crying like nobody's business. My loud screams could be heard all over the clinic. I knew I was not being abused but was just given vaccination, I just couldn't help crying. The vaccines given on that day were related to Rotavirus, Pneumococcal disease, etc. Although I feel scared when overhearing that more injections will follow in the next few visits, I have to get up the courage for the sake of good health.

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